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RFID Asset Management System (RAMS) allows the management to monitor the usage and storage of important assets. With the implementation of RFID in RAMS, we can now provide a reliable asset tracking system by assigning a unique identification for each asset. The assets are required to be kept in good condition at all times to reduce operation downtime due to asset breakdown or missing asset. In critical application, it may take months for the asset to be replaced. The system monitoring ensure only authorized personnel have access to confidential/dangerous assets to overcome misuse. Asset utilisation, maintenance and depreciation is monitored to allow management better planning on asset purchase.



Manufacturing Execution System and Warehouse Execution System functions on specially developed information and communication technology that integrate electronic, computing and communication engineering to automatically capture real time events and production process information, record events or process data, activate alerts and controls and generate the events or data into reports. These front-end enterprise applications facilitate accurate and immediate access to events or reports, by providing real-time on-line assistance in the monitoring and managing operations of production event and process incidences/activities and interface access to its database by other related enterprise management systems.



Personnel Monitoring System (PMS) function as a staff location monitoring system. The RFID PMS system provides real-time location tracking system of personnel (Staff/Patient/Visitor) within a designated compound. The system complements the CCTV security monitoring system with enhancement of detection of security breach or unauthorized entry. In the event of an emergency, the system provides instantaneous headcount, last known locations of the personnel and his/her health records. This data is of utmost important during emergency rescue mission.



Weapon Armoury Monitoring System (WAMS) function as a Weapon and Armoury tracking system. The RFID WAMS provides up-to-date location of the each piece of weapon/armoury. HID state of the art tiny RFID metal tag codenamed “Bricktag” provides a robust identity to each weapon/armoury without affecting the weapon/armoury performance. WAMS utilises high level biometric security feature and UHF RFID identification for weapon/armoury dispensing and return of equipment. RFID Gantry is used to track if any weapons moving IN/OUT of zone. Any authorized removal will immediately trigger an ALERT. With WAMS, management can perform regular audit on weapons inside the Armoury Strongroom within minutes, ie; user can perform 4x audit per day and it may only take in total less than 60 minutes.



Event Monitoring System (EMS) function as a visitor location monitoring system. The RFID EMS system tracks visitors entering/exiting exhibition halls seamlessly. At individual exhibition booth, RFID system will track visitor ID and duration spend in the booth area. This data is vital for exhibitor to know the type of client that they are attracting and which client they need to focus (based on the amount of time spent in the booth). This reduces the days required to process the namecards after each event. All the visitors data and degree of interest is captured in the EMS system available in softcopy allowing easier data processing.



Race Tracking System (RTS) function as a location monitoring system of the athletes participants in event such as Marathon and Cycling/Motorsport Racing. In Cycling/Motorsport Racing, the RFID SMS system automatically tracks how many round the participant have completed. The UHF RFID technology allows tracking of more than 180km/hr at a distant, hence making it the ideal tracking platform for race tracking. In Marathon, RFID readers are placed along the route to track the participant location (zone). This allow management to ensure participant did follow the route and also to narrow on the search and rescue during any emergencies.